Our exciting New Kitchen Caddy

Our exciting new kitchen caddy

Our team firmly believe small actions can change the world, and we are passionate about inspiring Aussie’s to live more sustainably, essentially by making it just as convenient to be green!

Over the last twelve months we have been busy reviewing best-practice organic kitchen waste collection programs with local councils, as well as talking to many families who are successfully composting their own food waste at home. Our aim was to understand the key challenges, with the aim to improve our products.

The result, our new innovative KITCHEN CADDY, which we are excited to say is not only designed by our team in Australia to assist Australian families, it is also manufactured in Australia.

Why focus on Kitchen Waste?

The opportunity is huge – In Australia, approx. 50% of household waste is organic, and we know from partnering with local councils, that a successful organics program can have a significant impact in reducing community landfill rates, and improving sustainability.

Our food scraps can turn into the next crop – When composted, the precious nutrients in our food waste can be used to fertilised new commercial crops or even family / community gardens. In fact, not only does the nutrients help with soil quality, but when using compost in gardens the water retention of the soil improves as well, reducing reliance on extra watering.

It’s so easy you can recycle at home – Recycling other materials such as cans and bottles requires specialised infrastructure, or in the case of paper, a very messy afternoon with paper pulp ending up everywhere, even in your toddlers’ ears! All you really need to recycle your own food is a dedicated space in the backyard! It’s also a great way to get the whole family involved in living sustainably.

Our new Kitchen Caddy.

The next generation kitchen caddy builds on the success of our conventional caddy, but is packed with additional features, developed as an outcome of our research talking to customers.

  • Most importantly, in an industry first, the new technology we are using allows an informational leaflet to be inserted into the lids, explaining what can be composted. We have two options available depending on if you are home composting, or lucky enough to have the council collecting your food waste.Our exciting new kitchen caddy
  • The snap fitting lid is now lockable when the handle is forward. The lid can also be flipped right back or rested on the handle to allow easy access for scraping.
  • There is a rear mounting tab. Simply put a few screws into the wall or door where you would like the unit to hang. I have mine on the door under my sink, so it’s always near and accessible for the kids.
  • The base is also lined with ‘venting channels’, which simply mean the Compost-A-Pak liners are easy to remove once full.

You can purchase a Kitchen Starter Kit here. We would love to hear about your experience using this product, and diverting food waste!

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  1. Ms. M. Raiss
    Ms. M. Raiss says:

    Hi my name is Marai and I am in search of an approximate 20litre bag with handles, made from Corn and I wish to buy in bulk, approximately 1yrs supply.
    Are you able to do this for me?
    If so how much would the cost be including shipping.
    I only pay by credit card over the phone.
    Looking forward to hearing from your Company.
    I am at Town House 16, 1-5 Taranto Rd., Marsfield 2122 NSW

  2. janet kohler-bond
    janet kohler-bond says:

    We have been recycling our food scraps for several years and previously put them into an unlined container with a separate lid which meant quite an effort in emptying and cleaning it. We received a kitchen caddy and a roll of compost-a-pak liners at a local council composting workshop and thought it was Christmas!
    The caddy is very durable and I like the way the lid and handle make it easy to fill and to empty. Having a roll of compostable liners is so convenient and we can empty the bin easily with no mess. I wouldn’t say that the liners degrade as quick as the food but eventually do which is a good thing. I am wondering though if the liners are made with GE corn or not. We have run out of our liners so I have just ordered another roll. This product is a very welcome addition to our kitchen!

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Janet. All the waste corn we source to manufacture our bags is from GMO free regions only. Thank you for the great feedback. I will share it with our team!

  3. Debby Hol
    Debby Hol says:

    Already have kitchen caddy and am looking to purchase liner bags for it but can’t find them on this only prices for packages. Help!

  4. Rhiannon
    Rhiannon says:

    Do you have a additional piece that allows you to hook the caddy over cabinet doors? This way you can scrape straight from the chopping board to the caddy and the put away once done with rather than a mounted screws


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